Joining efforts for successful transnational investigations

Arma Dei Carabinieri
The Carabinieri Corps is the largest Italian Police Force, counting on 105.000 officers. In its dual role as a Police and Armed Force, the Carabinieri Corps is responsible to carry out a wide range of police and military tasks and is ever present in the lives of the citizens, from the largest city in Italy to the faraway village. The Forest, Environment and Agriculture Units Command fight environmental crimes as a new frontier of transnational organized crime. With nearly 6.000 units of personnel specialized within the environmental field and operating throughout the entire national territory, it represents the Italian environmental police responsible for protecting natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystems. The Command has investigative tasks on environmental crimes, is directly involved in EMPACT and member of EnviCrimeNet. It holds specific investigative experience in combating the Illicit Waste Trafficking, particularly the Organized Crime Groups operating in this peculiar field.


Garda Naţională de Mediu (Romanian National Environmental Guard)
The National Environmental Guard of Romania (NEG) is a specialized body for environmental inspection, is responsible for ensuring the control of the professional, uniform and integrated implementation of the Government’s policy of applying the national legislation harmonized with the European Community legislation in the field of environmental protection. The NEG has responsibilities in the matter of preventing, detecting and sanctioning the violation of the legal provisions regarding the environmental protection, including the regulations stipulated in the specific laws to the field of industrial pollution control and risk management, hazardous substances and preparations, biodiversity and protected natural areas and, the environmental fund.


Iekšlietu ministrijas Valsts policija (State Police of the Republic of Latvia)
The State Police of the Republic of Latvia is a public body under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior, whose duty according to the Law On Police is to protect the State and society from criminal and other illegal threats to life, health, rights and freedoms, property and legitimate interests.


SAFE (Security and Freedom for Europe)
SAFE, Security and Freedom for Europe, is a no-profit association specialised in the design and implementation of EU-funded projects in the area of security, defence, peace, stability and fundamental rights, counting on combined experience of its members of over twenty-five years implementing EU-funded project worldwide. Ensures highest standards in management, logistic and administrative/financial support, as well as quality control and mainstreaming of good management practices.

Ms. Sara Ferrandi, Project Manager |


Europol is the European Union’s Law Enforcement Agency. Headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands, assists the 28 EU Member States in their fight against serious international crime and terrorism. In the context of the OPFA waste project Europol provides support to the identification and selection of High Value Target in the area of waste trafficking and the establishment of Operational Task Force, as well as analytical support.