Innovating strategies to dismantle organised crime

What is the support scheme?

The OPFA Waste Facility provides assistance on the implementation and successful completion of police operations on Illicit Waste Trafficking. The Facility is managed by SAFE (Security and Freedom for Europe).

How can it support my criminal investigation?

Under the Facility, Law Enforcement Agencies will be provided financial support to facilitate criminal investigations – intra EU or between EU and third countries – such as participation to Operational Meetings and subsequent funding of the Operational Task Forces. Moreover, the Facility will sponsor thematic exchanges on specific needs supporting the criminal investigations, while promoting Europol role as facilitator and the use of SIENA as information exchange channel. Specialized equipment strictly needed to effectively implement the ongoing criminal investigations will be available for lease.

Am I eligible to apply?
  • If the criminal investigation is already initiated at the time of proposal submission
  • If the criminal investigation has an operational focus and the potential to achieve tangible results in a short time frame
How can I apply?

To apply, please read the Facility Terms of Reference and fill out the application forms available upon request to

When can I apply?

Applications are received and evaluated in two rounds during project duration (potential changes due to force majeure will be communicated on this website page and through appropriate networks):

  • 1st Jun 2020 – 7th Jul 2020 (Limited to consortium partners – preparatory phase)
  • 1st Mar 2021 – 16th Apr 2021 (Open to external partners – action phase)

Applications received by 7 July 2020 will be evaluated no later than 7 August 2020. Applications received by 16 April 2021 will be evaluated no later than 16 May 2021.

Where can I find more information?

For more information regarding the application process, please email  or check out the website contact us section.